Chance the Rapper Holds Dance Party in 'SNL' Promo

Chance the Rapper is ready to celebrate his upcoming hosting gig on NBC's Saturday Night Live by having a dance party with the SNL castmembers

In the promo, the rapper is walking with cast member Beck Bennet when he seeks for advice on how to be best prepared for his upcoming hosting duties. 

"Usually I just dance a little bit," Bennett said of his SNL prep, as the two are then shown immediately having an energy-infused dance party.

Kate McKinnon, Pete Davidson and other castmembers soon join in on the fun, dancing alongside the rapper and Bennett. 

Unaware of what is happening, Kenan Thompson passes by, seeing the group dancing in a circle.

"Smoking my stuff. Smoking my stuff," Thompson repeatedly says as he shakes his head and walks away.

Chance the Rapper is set to host SNL on Nov. 18 with musical guest Eminem.