Channing Tatum: '22 Jump Street's' Success Is "Such a Sham"

The film's boffo box office has the actor baffled
Jimmy Fallon holds up Channing Tatum's THR cover on the 'Tonight Show'

Channing Tatum is having quite the year, even if he's not entirely sure why.

The Foxcatcher actor was a guest on Wednesday's Tonight Show, and he told host Jimmy Fallon he has trouble wrapping his head around how much money his summer buddy-cop comedy 22 Jump Street made.

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"It's such a sham," Tatum said with a chuckle when Fallon brought up the movie's $330 million worldwide gross. "I don't know how [it made that much]." This led Fallon to point out that it was a good movie.

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Tatum appeared on the cover of the Nov. 14 issue of The Hollywood Reporter, which Fallon displayed during the show, and the two joked about the cover photo. "Someone poked me in the eye," Tatum joked about why his hand is covering up part of his face.

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