Charles Ramsey on 'GMA': 'Either I'm That Stupid' or Kidnapper's 'That Good' (Video)

Charles Ramsey Good Morning America - H 2013

Charles Ramsey Good Morning America - H 2013

Charles Ramsey, the Cleveland man who helped rescue three women after a decade of captivity, appeared on ABC's Good Morning America on Wednesday morning in his latest interview.

Ramsey, who has emerged an overnight sensation both for his good citizenship and animated on-camera commentary, told George Stephanopoulos via satellite that he had been living next door to Ariel Castro for a year but hadn't seen any clues that Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michele Knight were being held inside. On Monday, Berry got his attention while Castro was away and Ramsey helped her out of the house.

Coverage of the kidnappings has featured prominently on the network morning shows. On GMA, Stephanopoulos pressed Ramsey on whether he had noticed anything awry next door prior to the women's escape.

"Not one iota because I wouldn't have been speaking to this dude," said Ramsey, noting how "scary" it was to learn what his neighbor had done. "So either I'm that stupid or [he's] that good," he added.

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