Charlie Sheen on Lance Armstrong: 'He's Kind of a Douche' (Video)

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"Anger Management" ratings slide 40 percent from its premiere to 3.4 million viewers in week two -- still strong, but further erosion could jeopardize the show's future after its 10-episode trial run.

Charlie Sheen isn't a fan of Lance Armstrong.

"He's kind of a douche," the Anger Management star told Jay Leno on Wednesday's The Tonight Show. "Wow, I didn't just say that, did I? ... That's based on meeting him."

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Sheen recalled his first encounter years ago with the now-disgraced cyclist, who, after years of denials, admitted in a recent interview with Oprah Winfrey that he used banned substances and blood doping to win seven Tour de France titles. Sheen said he introduced himself to Armstrong, who pretty much dismissed the actor.

"He said, 'That's nice,'" Sheen said. In an aside to Leno, Sheen pretended to address Armstrong: "Sorry to bother you, Captain Bitchin'. Go get a paper route, dude."

Leno added that Armstrong is getting more heat than he might have not just because he "cheated but the fact that he ruined the lives of people" who called him out. Sheen -- no stranger to scandal himself -- agreed.

"If he was a better guy ... in his life, he'd be forgiven a lot faster and a lot easier -- kinda like me," he said to audience applause.

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Sheen also weighed in on the rumor that he recently gave $100,000 to troubled star Lindsay Lohan. After joking that was "just for dinner," he revealed that it had to do with their appearances in the upcoming Scary Movie 5. He said that when Lohan signed on for the movie, she was supposed to be given half of Sheen's salary but was shorted.

"They took half of my money to give to her, and she didn't get it all," he said. "So when I found this out, I said, 'You got shorted a hundred grand.' So I gave it to her."

He added of Lohan: "She's going through some stuff, but she's smart and super talented, and I think she will come out on top."