Charlie Sheen Roast: What the Viewers Are Saying

One called it "hilarious," while another opined that it was "funny and sad. Kind of like the man himself."
Christopher Polk/Getty Images

It was a big TV night for Charlie Sheen fans Monday night.

While many tuned in to see how Two and a Half Men killed off his character in the season premiere of the CBS comedy, others preferred to see the actor himself get roasted over on Comedy Central.

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Among those roasting the actor were Seth MacFarlane, Jeffrey Ross, William Shatner, Patrice O'Neal, Mike Tyson, Kate Walsh, Steve-O and Jon Lovitz. Slash appeared in an introductory clip.

As one might expect, those who watched the roast immediately hit Twitter to share their opinions of the jokefest. Based on a sample of tweets gathered, viewers were mixed on their opinions of the roast and the jokes

Drew DelBello
The Charlie Sheen roast was funny and sad. Kind of like the man himself

Ryan Siu
88% of bettors are taking the over of 120 and 1/2 references on drugs and prostitutes in the Charlie Sheen roast. #betting #winning

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Michelle Gonsalves
So loving this Charlie Sheen roast!! Some of the jokes are a bit dark, but effin hilarious overall!

The Daily Show replaced by the Charlie Sheen roast tonight. Comedy Central has no idea who its audience is.

This charlie sheen roast is killing me! - that last chick killed it. I swear ppl were scared to laugh.

Sidra Hankins
@#sheen roast not seeing anything about two and a half men.....they lost the two men when they lost Charlie

Steve Silva
Charlie sheen roast is actually really funny!

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Mario Black
The charlie sheen roast is to funny

This Charlie Sheen roast funny

Emily Wild
My power did not just go out during the Charlie Sheen Roast #pissed

Robert Evans
Watching the roast of charlie sheen, Mike Tysons the man.

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Kayla Pierce
This Charlie Sheen roast is funny! Lol

Patrick Lennen
Isn't the sheen roast suppose to be about Charlie? Seems like everyone takin jabs at each other more than they are at sheen.

This Charlie Sheen roast is terrible


whoa, a joke about Ryan Dunn? it's a roast, yes but it's a CHARLIE SHEEN roast. don't make jokes about Ryan to Steve-O #foulplay

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Miss Christine E.
Lol how is Charlie Sheen the funniest at his own roast
Charlie Sheen roast, Parts were really funny and then other parts not so funny. Was it over the edge?? I didn't watch the whole thing.

The beginning of this Charlie Sheen roast was poppin', now I feel like it's dying down..

Ragin' Conservative
I'm no prude....but this is some sick stuff on the TCC Charlie Sheen Roast. I did laugh once though, before I clicked away.

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Judi Wofsy
What is Kate walsh doing at the roast of Charlie sheen? (and why am I watching?)

Scott Campbell
This Charlie Sheen Roast is getting hilarious

Peter Erickson
Ugh. Charlie Sheen roast making me miss The Daily Show. I hope someone locks him in a closet.

F Kennedy
This roast was weak nobody can tell me differently they was supposed to flame Charlie Sheen

Watching this Charlie Sheen roast & wow these white ppl are BOLD but its good to hear racist jokes from the other spectrum


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