Charlie Sheen Roaster: 'He's Not Trying to Get Anyone to Take it Easy on Him' (Video)

As viewers nationwide will see on Monday, Sept. 19, the Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen was an anything-goes event, with jokes thrown from all angles of the notorious actor's colorful career.

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The Hollywood Reporter caught up with a few of the evening's roasters on the red carpet, and even Charlie Sheen himself, to talk about preparations and what -- if anything -- was off limits.

"[Charlie's] gonna be crying by the end of the night," said seasoned roaster Jeff Ross. The longtime Comedy Central veteran lent his support to roast rookie Steve-O, who was anxious to take the podium on Saturday night.

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"I just found out about it by an e-mail, and as soon as I saw the subject, I didn't even open it, I was like 'f*** yeah!'" the Jackass alum said of his invitation to join the roast. "I wrote, I wrote, I wrote. I ran down my material with Jeffrey Ross and then he carted me around to all the LA comedy clubs this whole last week and we practiced our jokes over and over and over."

While some might consider Sheen an easy target, Patrice O'Neal ventured to disagree, explaining why it's difficult to poke fun at such a high profile personality.

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"You would probably say the same things that I would say if you didn't know Charlie but you had to roast him," he said. "You would go 'Charlie Sheen -- drinking, Charlie Sheen -- women, Charlie Sheen -- babies, I guess. Charlie Sheen -- stab."

Roasters cracked jokes at the expense of two of Sheen's ex-wives, Brooke Mueller and Denise Richards, referring to highly publicized domestic abuse allegations and even his ongoing custody battle for his children. Sheen cringed only a few times, but was there anything off limits?

"Not for me it isn't," exclaimed Mike Tyson, adding that he would give his longtime pal "everything I have."

Anthony Jeselnik, who delivered one of the most well received performances of the evening, noted that while Sheen hadn't demanded restrictions, another roaster had.

"There were a couple things for Mike Tyson [that were off limits.] I had to leave a lot of jokes on the cutting room floor," he teased. "[Charlie] wants the best from us. He's not trying to get anyone to take it easy on him, so I think it'll be a fantastic roast."

"This is probably one of the worst ideas," joked Roastmaster Seth MacFarlane on the red carpet. "I think maybe lets let him get better first and then do this. In fact, let's not do this let's all go home."

So why did Sheen decide to go through with the event?

"I don't know. To give you something to do on a Saturday night," Sheen told reporters. "It's gonna be good," he added, "it's gonna be entertaining."

The Roast of Charlie Sheen taped on Saturday Sept. 10 in Los Angeles. The show will broadcast on Comedy Central Monday, Sept. 19 at 10 p.m.

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