Charlie Sheen Tells Letterman He Wants Part in 'Men' Finale (Video)

Charlie Sheen Late Night with David Letterman - H 2013

Charlie Sheen Late Night with David Letterman - H 2013

Charlie Sheen was seen in an unexpected place Monday: a CBS set.

During a Late Show appearance, David Letterman marveled at how strange it was to have Sheen back on a network he “was banned from” after the former Two and a Half Men star famously left the show and spurned his former employer.

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“It’s nice to be back in the CBS family, even as a foster child,” Sheen said. “They’re nice until they fire you.”

But despite his public break from Men, the comedian said he would like to appear on the show's series finale, whenever that may be. When Letterman reminded Sheen his character had died in the series, Sheen quipped: “I am dead. But so is the show.”

Letterman pressed Sheen for details about what caused his 2011 public “meltdown," asking if drugs had been a factor.

“Not during the meltdown,” Sheen insisted. “During the previous 30 years, sure.”

Letterman also praised the “tremendous expressions” Sheen coined during that phase, including “tiger blood,” Adonis DNA” and “winning.”

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“If we knew you were not in danger as a human, this thing would be tremendously entertaining,” Letterman said. “But were you in danger?”

Sheen said at the time he didn’t feel as though he had been in harm's way.

“I’m sure it looked like I was going to spontaneously combust at any moment,” Sheen said. “It was an adrenal ride. I think it was mostly fueled by anger.”

Sheen returns on FX's Anger Management Thursday. Sheen also appears opposite Jason Schwartzman and Bill Murray in A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III, which is already available on video on demand and will get a limited theatrical release Feb. 8.

Watch a clip from Sheen's Late Show appearance below.