Charlie Sheen Tells 'Today Show's' Matt Lauer He Has Regrets (Video)

"I couldn’t really put out the fire, so I had to keep fueling it," said the former "Two and a Half Men" star.
Peter Kramer/NBC

Charlie Sheen embarked on his post-roast tour, stopping by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Thursday. On Friday, a pre-taped interview with the former Two and a Half Men star aired on The Today Show.

Sheen sat down with Matt Lauer to talk about the tumultuous past few months. Lauer called the time a “manic period” for Sheen. Sheen seemed very composed and mellow during the interview.

“I said some stuff, and it caught such traction globally...that I couldn’t really put out the fire, so I had to keep fueling it,” Sheen said of that time. Sheen told Lauer that he regretted creating the catchphrases “Tigerblood” and “Adonis DNA.”

“It took on a life of his own,” he said. “It was so silly, and people took it so seriously.”

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Lauer also asked Sheen about his firing from Two and a Half Men.

“I thought for sure, ‘They can’t do this without me.’ I mean, come on, The show’s about this guy...” Sheen started to say, then switched gears. “Which is a little confusing, Matt, when you think about it. They create a show about a guy who’s a partier, that guy starts partying, then gets fired.”

“It’s like, make up your mind, people!” Sheen joked.

“Well, one’s a role, and one’s real life here,” Lauer said.

“I guess the lines can get a little blurred, you know?” said Sheen.

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Sheen also told Lauer that he’s been sober for a while, but does not keep track of the time. “It’s what I call the moments inside the moments. I thin that’s where the life is. It’s in those quiet moments. It’s not the giant TV deal or the big party or the award. It’s the memory of your child’s smile,” said Sheen.

Lauer ended the interview by asking Sheen if it's been difficult to mend fences.

"There's always a chance, you know, to fix things or to forgive or to be forgiven," said Sheen. "And you just got to be -- or I have to just be mature enough and focused enough and on point enough to know that at the end of the day it's not just about, you know, wanting solution or wanting harmony. It's about what I can bring to it and how i can lead by example again."

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