Charlie Sheen on 'Two and a Half Men': 'I'll Be There Front and Center'

“Who’s not going to watch? ... I’m just as curious as everybody else,” the former star said.
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Charlie Sheen is giving the new Two and a Half Men a chance.

The former Men star, who was fired after making controversial remarks about show creator Chuck Lorre, among others, declared as much on Monday.

"Who's not going to watch?," Sheen told Extra. "I'll be there front and center. I'm just as curious as everybody else."

He added: "I'm actually rooting hard for them and that worm is turning. ... It'll be nice to know that they get some carry-over ratings from people being curious about what happened to their guy."

With Ashton Kutcher -- who finished his first taping late last week -- now at the center of the CBS sitcom, Sheen declared: "I think Ashton's gonna kill it." This comes months after Sheen declared that Kutcher's addition would ultimately kill the show. "Enjoy the show America. Enjoy seeing a 2.0 in teh demo every Monday, WB," Sheen said at the time. (Warner Bros. TV produces the show.)

Sheen has already moved on, with a Comedy Central roast set to air Monday, Sept. 19 -- the same night as the Men season premiere -- and the Anger Management sitcom, coming up.

Asked whether he is aware of any plans for his roast, Sheen said, "I got nothing I can reveal because they wouldn't even give me a script. They don't trust me." The actor predicted that the roast will "be epic," before adding, "If anyone should be roasted in that matter, it should be me."