Charlie Sheen's Comedy Central Roasters Praise the Warlock Post-Show

"[Charlie] was laughing so hard at one point when I was up there that cocaine came out of his nose," roast master Jeff Ross jokes post roast.
Charlie Sheen

After an evening heavy on drug, hooker and warlock jokes, Comedy Central's roasters gathered backstage to debrief on an event centered on Charlie Sheen.

As their audience members filed outside to a nearby courtyard where they were greeted by goddesses serving jello shots and bars offering "nectar from the Gods," Jeffrey Ross, William Shatner and Patrice O'Neal, among others, fielded questions about the evening's event. The general consensus was that the show, which will be cut down before airing on Sept. 19, had gone well - hardly a sure thing heading into the evening given the subject, a self-described "warlock" and "rock star from Mars."

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Many of the roasters as well as the evening's emcee, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, were particularly impressed by Sheen's willingness to sit back and let the group take its jabs at him. Everything from the drugs to the goddesses in his life appeared to be fair game. Sheen insisted that the roasters not hold back, arguing if they had it would make him look bad, according to frequent roaster Ross. The result: the nine roasters plus MacFarlane took their shots and Sheen appeared to be having as much fun as any of them. 

"He was laughing so hard at one point when I was up there that cocaine came out of his nose," Ross joked to The Hollywood Reporter. Added a relieved MacFarlane, "I think he handled it as well as anyone could have."

In fact, the only one on hand who seemed to feel a line may have been crossed was Shatner, though he, too, acknowledged that he had had a wonderful evening. The highlight for him, however, had much more to do with sitting beside Mike Tyson than it did blasting Sheen, he told THR. Fittingly, the high point for several of his fellow performers, including MacFarlane and O'Neal, was getting to meet Shatner. 

Many of the roasters, who also included Kate Walsh, Steve-O and Jon Lovitz, were similarly eager to heap praise on Sheen's comedy performance, which closed out the evening's on-camera festivities. Shatner suggested Sheen's comedic timing was that of a skiled professional, high praise from an 80-year-old who has been the subject of a roast himself. "It was weird," added O'Neal, "It wasn't like he was an amateur up there. He was really good."

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Among Sheen's better lines: "Once again, I come out unscathed. You can’t hurt me. I can’t kill me … I did porn stars. I did drugs. Then I did the one thing everybody in America wishes he could do. I told my boss to f–k off. And then it was gone … I’m done with ‘winning’ because I’ve already won.”

Whether the latter is true is subject to debate, but what Sheen did prove on this evening is that he could be in on the joke. "Until tonight I never realized how f---ed up I was," he said to big laughs, particularly important as he looks to reinvigorate his career with a new comedy project at Lionsgate, titled Anger Management. "Maybe I should have listened to those 60 doctors, three ex-wives and two paramedics." 


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