'Charlie's Angels' Canceled: What Viewers Are Saying

Reactions reflect an expectation of the ABC series' demise.
Nathan Bell/ABC

ABC finally clipped the wings on its remake of Charlies’s Angels on Friday. After blistering reviews, a tepid response to the show’s premiere, and a steady loss in viewership, the news doesn’t come as a surprise to most viewers.

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The Hollywood Reporter’s chief television critic Tim Goodman wrote a scathing review on the series, saying, “It’s beyond heinous. It contains some of the worst acting of the last decade on network television, much of it by Minka Kelly.”

When THR checked in with the viewers after the series debuted in late September, they predominately agreed with Goodman’s appraisal of the series. Like him, they felt the acting and writing left much to be desired.

STORY: ABC Cancels 'Charlie's Angels'

While the show’s demise was met with some sadness from fans on Twitter, the majority of viewers expressed a lack of shock, and an expectation that the cancelation was inevitable.


Now here's a BIG surprise: ABC yanks the CHARLIE'S ANGELS remake. What?? There was a remake? Did I miss it?


HAHA! ABC Cancels CHARLIE'S ANGELS because it was stupid!!!


Wow. Can [Grey’s Anatomy] have Rachael Taylor back?


I have a shoulder for the star to cry on.


And this is surprising, how?


ABC finally cancels the absolutely horrible CHARLIE'S ANGELS. It was honestly one of the worst shows in recent memory.


Good because it was whack


Gee, CHARLIE'S ANGELS reboot is being canceled. That's as surprising as THE PLAYBOY CLUB's cancellation. Can TERRA NOVA be next please?


So happy people weren't stupid enough to watch this.




You know it's bad when more people tweet about the cancellation of your show than ever watched it in the first place #charliesangels

Here’s a sampling of the few people who expressed sadness at the news.


As crappy as the #charliesangels remake was, I'm sad to see it cancelled. On the bright side, that's one less show I have to keep up with.


Yeah hmm be right back *I may or may not be crying right now*


Ugh f--k you ABC.