'Charlie's Angels' Premiere Draws Criticism Around the Web

Apparently, viewers of the new ABC series agreed with THR's Tim Goodman, who called the writing "atrocious" and the acting "some of the worst" of the last decade on broadcast TV.

Charlie's Angels is back, but apparently some viewers felt like they were in hell while watching the new ABC show.

The remake of the 1970s hit series -- starring Minka Kelly, Annie Ilonzeh, Rachael Taylor and Ramon Rodriguez -- premiered Thursday night.

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Hours before the show aired, Kelly tweeted a message to fans, thanking them for their support: "My goodness I'm so touched by all the support for #CharliesAngels day!! Wish I could reply to all of u! BIG LoVe to every last one o' ya!!"

But after the premiere aired, many viewers hit the Web, saying they were less than impressed.

In fact, most agreed with The Hollywood Reporter chief TV critic Tim Goodman's assessment of the show. In his review, Goodman called the series "beyond heinous."

"It contains some of the worst acting of the last decade on network television, much of it by Minka Kelly," he wrote. "The writing is atrocious. It’s like a spoof that suddenly took itself seriously. That ABC could have made this on the drama side and the yet-to-air 'Work It' on the comedy side – far and away the two worst shows of this new season – says a lot about what it takes to get fired in this town."

Many viewers shared those sentiments, hitting Twitter to give their own take on the show.

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Among the tweets:
Rita A.G
Drew Barrymore shld hav paid for Minka Kelly acting class bfor giving the gig..... And the new Bosley is even worse
Sidney Wright IV
I feel like Farrah Fawcett is just sittin up in heaven cussin random people out watching
I feel like i'm watching a youtube video on ABC right now... #CharliesAngels bad first impression
Leslie Marshall
Why can't Hollywood be original and stop re doing shows from the past!?!!
Sheryl Anselmo
Watching #charliesangels , sorry to say but only find it so-so
Just So Smooth
Shows that will fail! #charliesangels

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Jakill Thomas
#charliesangels is ok i mean they should have used the regular cast or could have used some better girls this series is a #idontthinkso
Aubby ;)
#charliesangels, never make a show out of a movie that's BEEN expired.
all #charliesangels did is remind me how much i miss #BurnNotice
Bethany Wilson
The new #charliesangels is gonna be so stupid
#charliesangels not looking good so far. Acting and writing needs improvement.
Jeanne Eury Millsaps
Seriously for my childhood farrah haircut I wanted #charliesangels to be less than horrible but it was AWFUL
Never thot I'd say it but #hawaiifive0 is > #charliesangels. But, 2 keep me, they're gonna need somethin pretty 4 me 2 look at.

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It's Conner Bitch
Not impressed by the pilot of the new #charliesangels ... Wow, when they were talking about their friend dying was sad. Horrible actors.
Denise Kiernan
"Trust me...I'm no angel..." ugh. I want so badly to like this. I really do. Goodbye, Angels. I tried. #charliesangels
Sharon Steed
Maybe MInka Kelly isn't a bad actress; it could just be she's boring with a flat affect in real life. #charliesangels
Rita A.G
Unless they fire Minka Kelly, Bosley and hire new writers... This show is good for cancellation #charliesangels


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