'Chasing Life': Scott Michael Foster on Playing a 'Justifiable' Douche, Changing Perceptions

The "Greek" alum talks to THR about his ABC Family arc.
Tony Rivetti/ABC Family
"Chasing Life"

April Carver's life may be getting an unexpected boost.

Greek alum Scott Michael Foster plays alter ego on ABC Family's Chasing Life, the brash Leo Hendrie who happens to be in the same cancer support group as April and a well-known politician's son. April and Leo's initial meeting wasn't pretty, but Foster — who earlier Tuesday joined Once Upon a Time as Frozen's Kristoff — assures that there's more to him than meets the eye.

"From the start, he came roaring in on his motorcycle, not caring about rules or what's proper. Then you see him in the elevator with his dad and he seemed like a rich douche. As the series goes on, you'll see that there's more to him than that and there's a reason for why he is flippant or not caring about the world around him," Foster tells The Hollywood Reporter.

"The audience will be pleasantly surprised as to why that's happening and why he has that outlook on life. It's definitely justifiable," he adds. Foster hints that the true side to Leo will start to come out in the next episode, "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead." "The audience will change their perception on Leo Hendrie," he posits.

For Foster, who was best known as slacker fraternity brother Cappie on Greek (created by Chasing Life executive producer Patrick Sean Smith), Leo was a departure — one he welcomed. "I haven't played a character like this yet, dealing with the things he has to deal with — not only with his family and his upbringing [but] what's happening to him now," Foster says. 

Production on the 20-episode season has already ended and Foster says the first-year arc is "interesting." He also revealed that the original idea for Leo's arc "changed" after he was cast, with the writers expanding the role a bit when they decided they wanted "more episodes" with the character."

Chasing Life airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on ABC Family.

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