Chelsea Handler Mocks Ann Coulter After Last-Minute 'Chelsea' Cancellation

Chelsea Handler - Publicity - H 2016
Courtesy of Netflix

Chelsea Handler - Publicity - H 2016

Chelsea Handler had her turn at roasting Ann Coulter when the conservative political pundit canceled an appearance on Chelsea at the last minute.

"Since I am always accused of not representing both sides in this election, I went out on a limb, and I booked one of the most vocal Trump supporters in the country, Ann Coulter," the Netflix talk show host explained on Thursday's episode. "And guess what she did? She called in sick right before the show today — oh no, I'm sorry. She emailed in sick."

Handler said she takes her guests seriously and was up at 5 a.m. reading Coulter's book — which she referred to as "this piece of garbage" — titled In Trump We Trust.

Since the show had to go on, Handler then welcomed Coulter's "body double," a role assumed by former writer and regular on Chelsea Lately's roundtable Fortune Feimster, wearing a blond wig.

Handler quickly brought up Coulter's inclusion in Comedy Central's Roast of Rob Lowe, which saw the roasters shifting their aim from Lowe to Coulter for the majority of the night (comedian Jimmy Carr told Coulter to "kill herself," among many other scathing digs).

"They tricked me," said Feimster's Coulter.

"It was pretty brutal. You were called the C-word like 17 or 18 times," said Handler, to which Feimster replied, "I was called 'kind.' "

"No, they called you c—," said Handler.

"Oh, c—. That stung, that stung," Feimster's Coulter replied to laughs. She then told Handler that she is constantly called a "bitch," adding, "Liberals invented that word."

During and after the roast, Coulter was heavily criticized for not laughing at herself, only promoting her book and rejecting funny jokes written for her by the Comedy Central writers. "She wrote 11 books, but she couldn't write one f—ing joke for this roast?" joked roastmaster Jeff Ross (who also visited Chelsea to dish about Coulter and the roast) during his turn at the mic.

Handler and Feimster's Coulter proceeded to read excerpts from Coulter's book when discussing her opinions on the upcoming election. Quotes from the book included: "It would be a much better country if women did not vote, that is simply a fact" and "Gays are the molecular opposite of blacks. Everybody likes the gays moving in next door." Coulter also called Al Gore "gay" for supporting climate change.

Handler added, "It's hard to get through that piece of shit, and I love to read."

Watch the Chelsea segment below.