Sundance: Chelsea Handler Is Forever Changed by Her New Netflix Docuseries

Though comedians often aim to show a different perspective, it was Chelsea Handler who was changed while making Chelsea Does..., her new Netflix miniseries.

"I came away completely different," Handler told The Hollywood Reporter at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival. "Part of this whole docu-series is my opinions, and you're kind of leaning toward one thing and your opinion gets changed."

She added, "I appreciated that a lot. It was a great learning experience for me — I didn't know that it would be."

In her new four-part documentary series (a precursor to her own talk format that's set to follow later in 2016), Handler explores a different area of her own personal fascination: racism, drugs, marriage and Silicon Valley.

Though excited to collaborate with experts and learn new things, Handler admitted she wasn't looking forward to most of what she ended up doing, including meeting with an ex (and promising he wouldn't be humiliated).

"I learned how to be a conservative adult professional," she smiled. "It was so much more than I ever hoped for."

Chelsea Does..., directed by Eddie Schmidt, premieres on Jan. 23 on Netflix.

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