'Chicago Fire': An Emotional Dawson Struggles to Cope With Losing Her Baby (Exclusive Video)

Dawson is clearly still torn up about the death of her unborn child in this exclusive clip from Tuesday's new episode.
Courtesy of Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Last week's episode of Chicago Fire was a true tearjerker from start to finish, and it appears the waterworks are nowhere near over.

In The Hollywood Reporter's exclusive video from Tuesday's new episode, things turn very emotional very quickly for Dawson (Monica Raymund) when she starts discussing the loss of her unborn child.

"In my mind, we were going to be this family. We would find a house together, fix it up together, grow old in it together," she says. "But that’s not the way that it worked out."

Dawson is struggling with an insurmountable loss no doubt, but ss she saying what we think she's saying? Could the end of her pregnancy also mean the end of her relationship with Casey (Jesse Spencer)?

Check out the full clip featuring Raymund's heart-wrenching monologue below:

Chicago Fire airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on NBC.