'Chicago Fire': Severide Suffers a Major Setback in the Season Premiere (Exclusive Video)

Chicago Fire S04E01 Still - H 2015
Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Chicago Fire S04E01 Still - H 2015

Severide (Taylor Kinney) is in for a very rude awakening this season on Chicago Fire.

In The Hollywood Reporter's exclusive video from the season four premiere, the Squad lieutenant is blindsided when he goes to Boden's office for what he thinks is a just an run-of-the-mill meeting.

"The high rate of turnover was raised a red flag at headquarters," Deputy District Chief Ray Riddle (Fredric Lehne) tells him in the video. "We're stripping you of your rank."

Suffice it to say, Severide is not happy about his surprise demotion. So what does this mean for his future at Firehouse 51? And who is taking his place?

Check out the exclusive video below.

Chicago Fire's new season premieres Tuesday, Oct. 13 at 10 p.m. on NBC.