'Chicago Fire': Chief Boden Faces Legal Drama After Deadly Blast (Exclusive Video)

Chicago Fire Eamonn Walker - H 2012

Chicago Fire Eamonn Walker - H 2012

Who said running a firehouse was an easy job? Chief Boden is about to find out just how difficult it can be.

After Boden (Eamonn Walker) makes an executive decision following a dangerous warehouse fire to leave a man to die in the structure, it comes back to haunt him. In the aftermath, negative press surrounds Boden's firemen, causing unhealthy feelings within the fire department.

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The Hollywood Reporter has the exclusive scene between Boden and Chicago attorney Sondra Sherman (guest star Joanna Adler), who pays a visit to get Boden's story. It's a tense conversation between the two, as Sondra says all the right things in an attempt to reassure Boden the city fully supports him but doesn't quite act like that's the case.

"We don't think you did anything wrong," Sondra says laying out the brass tax, "but an ME's report will be released soon, and if it says [the victim] was alive up until the explosion" ... well you can figure out the rest.

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For Boden, the decision to sacrifice a man's life is black and white. For the city, not so much.

"The city fully supports you. You shouldn't feel bad," Sondra bluntly says.

Boden makes a bold counter: "I don't."

Watch the tense back-and-forth from next week's episode below:

Chicago Fire airs 10 p.m. Wednesdays on NBC.

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