'Chicago Fire': Teri Reeves Talks Casey and Hallie's Rollercoaster Romance

"The foundation of their relationship, their goals for life at the moment are not the same. That's the core problem of the relationship," Reeves tells THR.
Matt Dinerstein/NBC

Things are getting heated on Chicago Fire.

With Lieutenant Casey (Jesse Spencer) battling dirty cop Detective Voight (guest star Jason Beghe), their fight will ultimately come to a head. "The conflict with the dirty cop comes to its most intense breaking point and you'll see some resolution," actress Teri Reeves, aka Dr. Hallie Thomas, told The Hollywood Reporter. "It definitely gets a lot more suspenseful."

When Voight was first introduced to the show, his presence caused ripples. "There was an enemy with a face instead of just a fire," said Reeves, who shared that engaged couple Casey and Hallie will be victims of a home invasion. "You started to see direct personal impact on Casey and Hallie's lives. You saw how this threat tests their relationship, as well as their individual character."

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She added: "Casey's conflict is between how he wants to take care of it on his own and the right way to take care of it, and you see how that pans out."

Though the Voight situation will be resolved, the issues that he causes for Casey and Hallie -- who becomes directly affected by Voight's politically incorrect ways -- will permeate for a while.

"The foundation of their relationship, their goals for life at the moment are not the same. That's the core problem of the relationship," said Reeves. "Do you want a family or not? Do you want to live in the same town as me? Is career first? That's the stuff they need to deal with down the road if they want to stay together."

As Reeves tells it, the post-Voight aftermath could either make or break the duo's future, including a forthcoming event that sheds light on Casey's perspective on family.

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"They get to the point in their relationship where I know Hallie feels compelled to be entirely honest about she actually feels. Maybe it was a heightened reaction to 'I might lose my fiance,' 'He might get killed or go to jail'; that woke her up to be willing to be vulnerable and honest," she said. "For Casey, there's an actual incident that forces him to look again at his feelings at having a family."

Even though their jobs require them to put themselves in harm's way, at the end of the day, "the lieutenant is the love of her life and she deeply believes in them as a couple," Reeves said. "She almost has to let go of being OK with trying to control a situation and that's a very human thing."

Chicago Fire airs 10 p.m. Wednesdays on NBC.

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