Chord Overstreet Dropped From 'Glee': What's Next?

Chord Overstreet: Step, Whack, Pull, Pull
David Strick

Sometimes, colorful direction works best during Glee dance rehearsals, like when Chord Overstreet (pictured) was told to take position and "keep your nuts over the tape mark," then "a step, a whack, a pull, a pull."

Major tremors shook the Gleek community Friday when the news surfaced that Chord Overstreet, who played Sam, is being dropped from Glee. It came along with the news that fan faves Darren Criss and Harry Shum Jr. were promoted to regulars, but that didn’t really soften the blow of losing Overstreet for fans.

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But, the actor does have options. There will be several opportunities for Overstreet, we’re sure. You know, one door closes? That kind of thing.

Here are five things Overstreet can look forward to:

1. Glee guest opportunities. While he won’t be a regular, reportedly Overstreet’s contract does allow him to pop into the series for guest appearances.

2. Glee tour. He’s currently performing on the Glee tour, which still has a few weeks to go. And that means fans will be able to see him in Glee Live! 3D!, the movie about the tour that hits theatres on August 12.

3. A film career. Overstreet appears in the film, A Warrior’s Heart, which stars Burn Notice’s Gabrielle Anwar and Twilight’s Kellan Lutz, which just screened at Cannes. Also, director Jon M. Chu (Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never, Step Up 2) tweeted the actor after the news of Overstreet’s Glee departure broke, saying, “u r a classy dude and talented as heck! Can't wait to work with you one day.” To which the actor responded, “i would be honored to work with you!! your the coolest!!” So, the guy has options.

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4. An album. Obviously, Overstreet has the singing chops and he tweeted on Thursday: “getting close to the end of the tour, cant wait to start working on my album when i get home!!! im gonna go full on!” Plus, he seems to have an active Twitter friendship going with The Voice’s musician coach, Blake Shelton. So, if anyone can make it happen for the star, Shelton could.

5. Take a much-needed break. After shooting the last season and hitting the road on tour, Overstreet could obviously use some time off, as well. On Saturday morning, he seemed ready to sit back and smell the roses, tweeting, “i woke up this morning and decided to swallow the sun! i shoulda got a writing credit for coming up with that one lol."


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