Wendy Williams on Chris Brown and Rihanna's Musical Reunion: Keep It Professional (Video)

Talk show host Wendy Williams tries to deliver her most honest take on the latest hot topics every day on The Wendy Williams Show -- whether her subjects like it or not. So, when the news broke that Rihanna had teamed up with ex Chris Brown on two song remixes, Williams set off the alarms.

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“Now, if they’re going to do music together, fine,” Williams tells The Hollywood Reporter in the THR Covers Lounge. “[But] please don’t go back to him romantically speaking. The girl is too young to be giving a woman-beater a second chance.”

Williams also told THR she worried if even the professional relationship sends the wrong message to young people who may not be able to discern between that and a romantic one.

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The two singers surprised (and enraged some) fans last week when they released two collaborative remixes of Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake” and Brown’s “Turn Up The Music” about three years after getting into a violent altercation before the 2009 Grammy Awards.

Listen to Williams’ take on the artists’ deep relationship and her colorful theory on love in your 20s in the video above.

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