Chris Evans and Jimmy Fallon Play 'Frozen Blackjack'

Chris Evans on Tonight Show - H 2016
Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Chris Evans wasn't quite ready for Jimmy Fallon's brand of card games. 

The Captain America: Civil War star appeared on Tuesday's Tonight Show to promote his new Marvel movie, but most of all, to play Frozen Blackjack with host Jimmy Fallon. 

The game was inspired by Evans' Marvel character. "Captain America was frozen for 70 years, and we're going to see who gets frozen tonight," Fallon said to introduce the game. The rules followed that of a normal game of blackjack, until the winner gets to pour a pitcher of ice-cold water down the loser's pants after each hand. 

As Evans demonstrated the stakes, Fallon got worried, but both players soon had to suffer the cold water for each of their losing hands. 

"I kind of like the game now!" Fallon decided, after getting to pour water on Evans. "We could call this game Chilly Willy." 

Watch the full video below.