Chris Evans Breaks Down His Dog Grooming Mishap, Talks Fandom for 'Knives Out' Sweater

Chris Evans may have taken to social media to showcase the messy aftermath of the haircut he attempted to give his dog, Dodger, but he assures he's done it before — and it did go well. 

Earlier this month, the Defending Jacob star shared the image of his dog's new, shaven look but explained how the mishap really happened to Jimmy Fallon during a guest appearance on The Tonight Show Thursday night. 

"It's a little unfortunate," Fallon quipped to the actor of the viral photo, leaving the actor to defend himself. "I had done it once before right when quarantine began. I gave him just a little bit of a trim and it went great," he explained, though later admitting that he maybe got "a little confident."

"It just exploded in my face," Evans said of the second time he attempted to trim his dog's hair. However, Evans explained that the first time he gave his dog a haircut, it was after they went on a walk and his dog was "exhausted." "So he was straight and flat and you got to go with the hair. Don't go against it," Evans advised Fallon.

But because the next time Evans attempted to give his dog a haircut was "first thing in the morning," he realized his dog "had more energy." "He kept twisting his body," Evans said, which ultimately led him to have the shaving mishap. "He had no idea what was going on." 

Later on, Fallon brought up another viral moment of Evans: his infamous Knives Out sweater. In the film, Evans' character wears a white, cable-knit sweater that attracted attention from audiences. Knives Out costume designer Jenny Eagan told The Hollywood Reporter that the sweater worked perfectly for Evans' character Ransom, the spoiled grandson of acclaimed book author Harlan (Christopher Plummer), because it helped convey his privilege and wealth.

With the actor new to Instagram, Fallon asked whether Evans would ever wear that sweater again for a photo given it was such a "phenomenon." 

"I can't wear it anymore. It's a shame," Evans said of the iconic look. He went on to say that he's not sure whether he could wear a cable-knit sweater without making everyone roll their eyes. "I don't know if it works anymore." 

"I love that sweater. I love those sweaters. I love cable knits. It's my favorite thing about winter," Evans said. 

Evans and Fallon later bonded over taking tap dancing lessons. Watch their full interview below.  

MRC is the studio behind Knives Out, and shares a parent company, Valence Media, with The Hollywood Reporter.