Chris Meloni Casting Reports: Why 'True Blood' Should Bite

The former "SVU" actor is reportedly in talks to join the HBO show and THR believes he'd be a perfect fit.
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For days now, True Blood fans have been buzzing about reports that Chris Meloni will stage a comeback to HBO by joining the series in a “major role” on Season 5.

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The 50-year-old actor has been scoring roles in Hollywood since the late-80s. But, it was the late-90s gritty prison series, Oz, where most saw what he was capable of as inmate Chris Keller. Most recently, TV viewers came to know him better and love him in his role on Law and Order: SVU as Det. Elliot Stabler. 

There are several ways Meloni would be a perfect fit for True Blood. An HBO spokesperson declined to comment on the possible casting, which was first reported by TVLine. So in the meantime, we’re left to ponder the possible ways Meloni could spice up the show. Here are a few reasons the series should bite.

1. 50 is the new 500. Let’s face it. At 50, Meloni gives most 30 year olds in Hollywood a run for their money in the hunk department. Those good looks and the wisdom of living a half a century will translate well for playing a vampire that could very well be hundreds of years old. And, recent reports say that the series is casting for The Vampire Authority, the council which rules over all vampires and gives its royalty their power. Meloni would be perfection in one of those roles.

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2. Blood, no problem. The actor has demonstrated several times in his career that violence and blood are not a problem for him. So, I imagine that if he were faced with taking down a few humans (or werewolves, witches, a bothersome fairy, for that matter), he wouldn’t flinch.

3. Clothing, optional. True Blood is well known for its nude scenes and executive producer Alan Ball places all the actors in some kind of state of nudity through out the season. Meloni has demonstrated that he isn’t afraid to let it all hang out if a role requires it.

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