Jimmy Fallon Plays "Box of Lies" With "Master" Chris Pratt

White visiting The Tonight Show on Thursday (June 14), Chris Pratt and Jimmy Fallon played an edition of Fallon's long-running game “Box of Lies.”

“We’ll play three rounds. Chris, why don’t you pick the first box,” said Fallon, as Pratt took suggestions from the audience on which box to pick.

After selecting his first box, Fallon asked how much it weighs. Pratt shrugged and said, “125 pounds.”

Pratt showed the inside of his box to the audience, which was a diorama of Snow White’s seven dwarves doing yoga. “Is this real,” began Pratt. “This is a small diorama of little people- dwarves- engaging in stretching, yoga, and they’re all wearing hats.”

“You’re telling me that what is in front of you,” said Fallon while laughing, “is a diorama of sorts, which is something I normally would make in a shoebox, perhaps maybe when I was growing up, which is maybe why you thought of that because we have a box and you thought of a shoebox and you made up a lie about a diorama which makes me think Chris Pratt, you lie!”

Pratt showed Fallon the diorama and exclaimed, “Sucka!”

Fallon then selected his box and pretended that he was struggling to move it on the table. “Wow, that must be very heavy,” said Pratt. “You’re trying to hide how heavy it is.”

The host reveled his mystery item to the audience, which was a “vibrating Jell-O mold of Jeff Goldblum.” Fallon joked, “I wouldn’t be surprised if you had one of these at home.”

“I think you’re telling the truth,” said Pratt. “You’re right,” shouted Fallon as he showed the Jell-O mold to Pratt.

“I do have one of those at home,” said Pratt. Fallon responded, “I have two of them cause they’re just so much fun.”

Pratt closed his eyes while removing his last mystery object from the box. After making a disgusted sound, he asked, “Is that real?” The object in question was a toy dinosaur dressed as a ballerina while spinning on a platform.

“I don’t think it’s very nice to do this to this thing,” said Pratt. “Maybe it’s an omnivorous uhh creature, but it’s,” he said as he struggled to put his description into words.

“Are you trying to use big words to trick me?” asked Fallon.

Pratt continued, “It’s a skull and it’s bedazzled. I think it might be a raccoon or it could be maybe a fox.”

Fallon asked if the object is a herbivore or carnivore. Pratt responded, “It’s got pointy teeth, so I think it’s maybe a predator or maybe it’s something that eats a bunch of stuff like a raccoon or like a possum or something.”

“That’s interesting because last time you lied to me. No, you told the truth but you acted like you were lying. Like you didn’t know,” said Fallon. “Now you’re acting like you don’t know. Like, ‘I don’t know. It could be a thing. I don’t know. I’ve never seen teeth before.’  You’ve never seen teeth before? That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of. You have teeth. You brush them everyday in the morning and at night.” Fallon concluded, “Chris Pratt, you are telling the truth!”

“No I’m not!” said Pratt as she showed Fallon the ballerina dinosaur.

“You are a master! He is a master,” shouted Fallon.