Chris Pratt on 'SNL': 5 Reasons to Be Excited

Chris Pratt Kate McKinnon SNL Promos - H 2014

Chris Pratt is zooming in to Saturday Night Live this weekend for the show's season 40 premiere, and it's hard to imagine a better "of the moment" choice for the hosting gig.

2014 has been Pratt's year so far — with The Lego Movie and Guardians of the Galaxy blowing away critical and box office expectations, and his beloved Parks and Recreation going into its final season.


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There's an elite crew of go-to hosts SNL can depend on to consistently deliver the goods. Could Pratt be poised to join the ranks of the likes of Justin Timberlake or Alec Baldwin?

Here's five reasons why he just might be.

1. He's got major chemistry with SNL types

Pratt was the standout guest this month on The Tonight Show (sorry Babs). The reason? He had great chemistry with Jimmy Fallon. Ditto for his July appearance on Late Night, where he killed it alongside Seth Meyers. Oh, and there's apparently someone named Amy Poehler he works well with.

2. We'll likely get to see some Parks & Rec stars

One judge of a good host is who they bring along to the party. We're guessing Pratt will bring along Poehler. She stopped by last season to help out old pal Jimmy Fallon, so it'd only be fair. 

3. We will get the Guardians of the Galaxy parody we all want

You can't have the star of the year's No. 1 movie host SNL without giving the people what they want. (See: Jennifer Lawrence and The Hunger Games or Jeremy Renner and The Avengers.) We're guessing Rocket and Groot will be making an appearance Saturday.

4. Those promos were actually funny

SNL promos are hit and miss, and Pratt's were definitely a hit

5. The musical possibilities

There's no need to call Eddie Vedder if you've got the man who plays Andy Dwyer. 

What do you say? Will Pratt shoot to the stars or crash and burn? Let us know in the comments.
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