Chris Rock Argues President Obama is White in Message to Voters (Video)

Chris Rock Obama PSA - H 2012

Chris Rock has a message for white voters seeking a Caucasian candidate to support: look no further than President Obama.

In a bit on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live Friday, Rock unleashed a satirical  campaign ad in which he provided proof the Commander in Chief is white. It's all in hopes of helping Obama close GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s substantial lead with white voters.

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Rock offers quick cuts of Obama footage, such as the president playing golf, wearing "mom jeans”  at a baseball game, and dancing on The Ellen Degeneres Show.

“Barack Obama supports gay marriage,” Rock says. “Most black men don’t even support straight marriage.”

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Rock’s evidence of the president’s whiteness also includes:

-Obama formerly went by Barry, “the third whitest name on Earth.”

- After college, the president went into black Chicago neighborhoods to organize people. “How white is that? Black people don’t go into black communities,” Rock says. “We don’t have to. We’re already there.”

-Showing a picture of Obama with his sunglasses-wearing maternal grandparents, Rock remarks: “They’re so white, they have to wear sunglasses because they’re hurting each other’s eyes.”

Finally, Rock offers evidence that Romney is actually blacker than Obama, showing a picture of the president’s four-member family, and contrasting it with a picture of Romney’s sprawling clan.

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“Look at that. Kids. Cousins. Aunts. Uncles. Mitt Romney’s family has more people in it than a Tyler Perry movie,” Rock says.

According to a recent Washington Post/ABC News poll, Obama trails Romney with white voters by more than 23 points. The same poll shows Obama leading non-white voters with 79 percent of their support.

Watch Rock’s video below.