Christina Aguilera Serenades Donut Shop Customers on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

Christina Aguilera attends the 2018 Billboard Music Awards - Getty-H 2018
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Jimmy Kimmel took advantage of the Jimmy Kimmel Live studio's location and helped tourists have a real celebrity experience on Wednesday's episode.

The host explained that they film the show across the street from the Hollywood & Highland mall. "We thought it would be fun to give people visiting our area a real celebrity experience, so we set up some hidden cameras at the Randy's Donuts shop across the street, and we enlisted the help of a major music star to sing live over the speakers in the store as the customers waited for donuts," he said.

Kimmel then introduced the first ever "Undercover Sing" segment with Christina Aguilera.

The clip began as Aguilera stood in the back of the donut shop, watching footage of the people who entered the shop.

"There's a guy in a Dodgers hat/ He is here with a baby/ He just wants to eat some donuts and give some to the baby too," she sang along to the tune of "Genie in a Bottle."

When the man she was singing about looked around in confusion, she continued, "Yes, I'm singing about you/ And you know what's going on/ Now you really want your donut/ I'm gonna bring it to you."

Aguilera then went to the front of the store to hand the donut to the surprised customer. "Served by yours truly, the genie in a bottle," she said.

She later sang about a guy dressed in all denim. "He just wants to eat some donuts in his Canadian tuxedo," she sang as he looked around before he started to dance. "He is totally freaking out/ And he's looking really cute/ Just because he's in a song now/ And the song's about you."

The customer continued to dance as Aguilera came out to serve him his donut. After he introduced himself as Vince, the two sang Aguilera's hit "Fighter" together.

She sang to the tune of "What a Girl Wants" as she serenaded the next customer. "What a guy wants, what a guy needs/ He's looking cute in his Gone Fishin' tee/ I wonder what kind of donut he'll get," she sang. "Guy in the glasses, looking real cute/ I'm singing to you."

When the customer shook his head, Aguilera said, "Don't doubt yourself. You are looking cute in that blue shirt." He then drummed his fingers on the counter, which inspired her to sing, "Click click, click click. Tap tap, tap tap."

After she delivered the donut to the unamused customer, she asked that he come to her show in Las Vegas. "See you in Vegas. Love you," she said as she made her way to the back of the shop.

Aguilera next sang about two women who were dressed as Catwoman. "Two catwomen buying donuts/ Look at these two donut queens," she sang along to the tune of "Lady Marmalade."

The customers immediately looked happy about the song, while a man dressed as Captain America danced as the song continued. The three shouted in excitement when Aguilera came out with their food.

"There's a pretty couple buying some donuts/ Can't decide which one to get," she sang as two new customers began to realize that the song was about them. "It's Christina Aguilera singing 'bout you/ Or are these voices in your head?"

"I'm singing to you," she continued before the two started to jump with excitement.

She then told them to hop on one foot if they could hear her. The man immediately began to jump. "He's working for his donut," she sang.

The two screamed when Aguilera came out to greet them and gave them a hug. "Best day of my life," he said. When she walked away, he continued, "I'm literally going to pee myself."

Watch the full segment below.