Christina Aguilera Teases Possible Super Bowl Appearance with Maroon 5

Christina Aguilera WWHL Screenshot H 2019

In anticipation of her upcoming Las Vegas residency, "The Xperience," Christina Aguilera has been active on the promotional circuit. Her latest appearance was on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Thursday night, where the host admitted to his guest that he's "a longtime fan" of her music. 

Expressing excitement about her show, Cohen said, "I saw the Backstreet Boys at that theater, it's amazing." He pointed out the demand for her to perform "Your Body" live in Vegas and asked whether it can happen, to which Aguilera was tight-lipped. "We'll see. I'm culminating all these ideas ..."

Opening the Christina Aguilera "vault," a longtime tradition on the show, Cohen brought up images of the singer in grade school, singing on television in 1988 at age 7, performing in The Mickey Mouse Club at age 11, and performing "Reflection" from Mulan. Finally, a costumed Aguilera in 2010's Burlesque.

"Thank you very much for giving us that moment," said Cohen. Aguilera laughed and replied, "It was a blessing, that was such a staple ... it's sort of a classic."

During the show's rapid-fire games, Aguilera admitted that she "jams out" to Britney Spears' lesser-known song "Breathe On Me."

Playing "Christina Shaguilera," the singer was asked to listen to a series of "shag-like" sounds and identify whether they were soundbites from her past performances — she was quite stumped. In the "Christina Drag-uilera pageant," women emerged dressed as "dirty Christina," promoting laughter from Cohen's guest.

During the show, Aguilera commented briefly on the sexual misconduct situation involving R. Kelly. "When you're in this business, you're so exposed to so many predators at an early age, and it's still an uphill battle."

Quizzed about Lady Gaga's decision to remove the duet "Do What U Want" from Spotify, Aguilera voiced her support, and speaking of future performances, emphasized "I would always share the stage with Lady Gaga because she knows how to let go — the sky's the limit."

Finally, asked whether Aguilera might join Maroon 5 for the Super Bowl halftime show, she pleaded the fifth.