'The Voice's' Christina Aguilera Calls Out Tony Lucca and Justin Timberlake (Video)

THR takes a look behind the pop singer's scathing critique of the Team Adam Levine performer. Are the ex-Mouseketeers making the NBC competition a popularity contest?

Was Christina Aguilera feeling a bit territorial on Monday’s live performance show on The Voice?

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During the blind auditions, Christina seemed very happy to discover that fellow ex-Mousketeer Tony Lucca had found his way to her career-making reality competition. She didn’t even seem to mind that he picked coach Adam Levine over her. But, those reunion hugs turned to awkwardness after Lucca’s performance of Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” on Monday.

Aguilera started her critique calling the performance “good,” but things took a turn when she described Lucca as “one-dimensional” and said she would love to see if he could grow into a more versatile artist if he stayed on the show after this week. But, fine, that was all very performance-related, but then she moves on to much more personal ground.

"Obviously we get a lot of support,” she says. “You've got me and your old Mouseketeer buddies behind you. And Justin in particular. I hope this is really a contest about the voice. I think there are just better voices on the show, rather than a celebrity sway kind of thing."

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Aguilera’s dropping of Justin Timberlake’s name confused some viewers a bit. But, Lucca and Timberlake have stayed close over the years since the Mickey Mouse Club days -- Lucca has actually toured with Timberlake and his boy group, NSYNC. And while Timberlake has moved on to bigger things, he's clearly still supportive of his friend and tweeted the following earlier on Monday.

Could that have made Aguilera feel they were using their celebrity muscle to give the Team Adam performer an advantage? Watch the performance and comments again below, then let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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