Christina Applegate on Broadway: 'My Whole Soul Changed' (Video)

The actress stars in NBC’s fall sitcom “Up All Night,” but says that being on stage is “the most rewarding” experience.
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Christina Applegate has spent three decades in the acting game, with significant experience in TV, film and theater. It was her time in the 2004 Broadway production of Sweet Charity, however, that she deems the most difficult -- but rewarding -- experience.

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“The work is really intense,” she told Jay Leno during a Monday, Sept. 13 appearance on The Tonight Show. “I think working 16 hours a day is harder, but really [I think] my whole soul changed doing that year of Broadway.”

“Your audience every night belongs to you. It’s different,” she continued. “You control everything. It’s just a beautiful, beautiful thing.”

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Applegate returns to the sitcom world this fall on NBC’s Up All Night, in which she stars as a new mom, whose husband is played by Saturday Night Live’s Will Arnett.

“We’re a married couple who are later-in-life parents, I like to call it,” she explained before debuting a clip from the show.

Up All Night premieres Wednesday, Sept. 14 at 9 p.m. on NBC. Watch her appearance on The Tonight Show below.

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