Christine O'Donnell's Walk Off: Behind-the-Scenes

A 'Piers Morgan Tonight' employee shares details about what happened after the Tea Party politician abruptly ended her on-camera interview.
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By now, it's well-known that politician Christine O'Donnell walked off of Piers Morgan Tonight during an interview with the host Wednesday. 

But, now, a Piers Morgan Tonight employee has written a first-person account of what went down after the politician exited the set. 

VIDEO: Christine O'Donnell Walks Out of 'Piers Morgan Tonight' Interview

"Minutes after Christine O'Donnell walked off her interview with Piers Morgan, I walked into her green room to escort her and her team out of the building," producer Samantha Hillstrom writes. "It's standard procedure for a member of our team to walk each and every guest out after the show. Sometimes that means you get lucky and ride in an elevator with Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. Other times, that means you're the first person Christine O'Donnell meets after she storms off the set, upset with questions regarding her stance on gay marriage."

She continues, "I patiently waited outside her green room trying to figure out the right time to go in and introduce myself, all the while, listening to Christine and her people loudly bash Piers and criticize our show. Soon it became apparent that there was no "right" time to go in. Christine was kind to me but obviously upset about what just happened. (She called Piers a "mean Brit" and told me she was warned not to come on his show.)"

But, when presented with the opportunity to ask O'Donnell why she refused to answer Morgan's questions, Hillstrom stayed mum. "As we were leaving, I forgot to tell Christine that I've walked in the NYC Gay Pride was almost as fun as walking her out," she writes.

Both O'Donnell and Morgan have also made comments via their Twitter accounts.

Right after the Delaware Tea Party candidate ended the interview because of a question about her views on gay marriage, the British host tweeted "BREAKING: Christine O'Donnell just walked out of my interview for  in disgust at my 'rudeness'," which he followed up with many tongue-in-cheek comments, including, "Do you think Christine O'Donnell is going to put a witch's curse on me now?"

O'Donnell later responded with a quip of her own, tweeting "I only agreed to go on the Piers Morgan Show because he promised not to hack my cell phone," referring to rumors  that the onetime News of the World editor was involved with the paper's phone-hacking scandal. 


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