Christopher Walken Told Will Ferrell 'SNL's' Cowbell Sketch Ruined His Life

It would be hard to find someone who does not get the reference.

On an April 2000 episode of Saturday Night Live, a sketch starring host Christopher Walken would become a pop-culture staple with an iconic, often repeated line: "More cowbell!"

It seems the sketch is so beloved (and quoted ad nauseam) that Walken once told Will Ferrell that it ruined his life.

Ferrell talked about the skit Thursday when he dropped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Fellow SNL alum Fallon was also in the classic sketch about a studio recording session for Blue Oyster Cult's hit single "(Don't Fear) The Reaper," a song that needed something a little extra according to the band's manager, played by Walken.

"Here's the crazy thing," Ferrell begins, "years later, I go to see Christopher Walken in a play, I say hello to him backstage and he's like, 'You know, you've ruined my life. People, during the curtain call, bring cowbells and ring them. The other day, I went for an Italian food lunch, and the waiter asked if I wanted more cowbell with my pasta bolognese.'"

Ferrell continued, "I think he was really mad at me — he had a little smile." 

Both Fallon and Ferrell agreed that the happiness the sketch brought to so many was worth it. 

Watch the interview and SNL sketch below.