Chuck Lorre Debuts Goofy, Ballerina-Themed Holiday Card (Photo)

Chuck Lorre Holiday Card - P 2012

After getting mauled by a gorilla last year, Chuck Lorre took a goofier approach to his holiday card this time around.

The photo, which aired Thursday as Lorre's vanity card, portrays the prolific writer-producer in tights and leg warmers leaping into the air while surrounded by a troupe of ballerinas.

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It reads: "I danced as if no one was watching ... and now I regret it."

Lorre's card last year depicted him being pinned down by a gorilla who appears to be on the verge of giving the showrunner a beatdown.

"Oddly enough, not my worst day this year," the inside of the card read.

That was a reference to the drama surrounding fired Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen, who publicly insulted Lorre and included him as a defendant in a multimillion-dollar lawsuit.

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Men recently was in the headlines again after star Angus T. Jones blasted the show as "filth" and begged viewers to "please stop watching." He has since apologized.

Lorre also is behind Mike & Molly and The Big Bang Theory.