Is Chuck Lorre Done With Vanity Cards? Maybe Not

The prolific showrunner's latest says "it's time for me to stop writing these things," but there may be another next week
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Chuck Lorre

Is Chuck Lorre done with his trademark vanity cards?

The prolific producer behind The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, Mike & Molly and Mom used Monday's vanity card to warn that it may be the last one.

"It's time for me to stop writing these things," he wrote in his weekly essay.

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"The brash young man who liked to jerk a bony knee into the corporate ball sack is no longer brash nor young," he explained. "The smart aleck who once delighted in twisting the cultural nipple is not feeling so smart anymore, nor is he clear on what an aleck is. And perhaps most telling, the smug word jockey who never missed an opportunity to tickle the establishment prostate sans Astroglide, now finds that metaphor offensive. Which means it's time to hang it up. It's time to write the last vanity card. Which is what this is. So... Thank you. It's been a great ride. I'll miss our time together."

However, Monday's Big Bang vanity card may not be his last one.

"I plan to respond to the question in next week's vanity card," Lorre said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter when asked if this was the end of the line for his weekly addresses.

Lorre has produced 463 vanity cards, using the platform to release his would-be Big Bang Theory Emmys acceptance speech and bash Chinese authorities for the show's ban as well as mock Mormons and slam Republicans, among other topics.

The producer also turned his vanity cards into a hardcover collectable book called What Doesn't Kill Us, Makes Us Bitter, with all of his proceeds from the book going to benefit the Dharma-Grace Foundation, established by Lorre in 1999 to further his ongoing support of the Venice (California) Family Clinic — the largest free medical clinic in the country, dedicated to providing free, quality health care to people in need — as well as many other health care-related charities and educational efforts. Check out Lorre's full vanity card, below.


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