'Dancing With the Stars' Results: The Latest Cast-Off Explains What Went Wrong

Chynna Phillips - TV Still: DWTS - Episode 1303 - P - 2011
Adam Taylor/ABC

Is anybody in the Season 13 cast of Dancing With the Stars safe? On the heels of Kristin Cavallari's early dismissal, the ABC competition sent another favorite packing during week 4.

Chynna Phillips, whose Rumba to her own Wilson Phillips classic "Hold On" wowed judges only a week ago, seemed to forget all her moves Monday night -- and it cost her. The 43-year-old singer and partner Tony Dovolani were voted off during Tuesday night's results show.

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"Last night, I drew a blank," Phillips said backstage after her elimination. "It's just one of those things. You're about to take a math test, you think you know every answer and all of a sudden you go blank."

Phillips was visibly confused during what ended up being her final performance on the show, and during the Tuesday broadcast, audio

"We worked really hard for that dance," she says. "Unfortunately, the whole thing just unraveled."

As for what exactly happened, Phillips says she started over-thinking things when she and Dovolani had a lot of waiting around on the ballroom floor before their performance.

Davolani, who hasn't made it to a Dancing With the Stars finale, was understandably bummed.

"I feel like the rug got taken from under us," he says. "She has so much potential, and I was having a blast this season. What does that say about our show? The couple that actually gets along goes home. We should have simulated some fights."

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Still, despite visible tears throughout the results show, Phillips seemed content with the outcome backstage. Now she'll turn her to her continued work with Tijuana's Los Angelitos Orphanage and a new album coming out in April 2012.

Tribute, the latest collaboration from Wilson Phillips, is a collection of songs originally recorded by the trio's parents in The Mamas & the Papas and The Beach Boys.

"I am very proud of it," Phillips says. "Now I can get around to recording it."


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