Chynna Phillips: 'Dancing With the Stars Saved My Butt'

Still, the singer says she's "taking a few weeks off" after being voted off the ABC show.
Adam Taylor/ABC

Chynna Phillips loves the way she looks after competing on Dancing With the Stars.

"Dancing With the Stars literally saved my butt," the singer joked to George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America early Tuesday -- less than 12 hours after she and partner Tony Dovolani were voted off.

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Stephanopoulos asked if she'll quit dancing.

"For the time being," said Phillips. "I'm taking a few weeks off if that's OK with Tony."

Phillips compared her Monday performance -- in which she forgot most of her moves -- to being a kid and accidentally kicking a soccer ball into the wrong team's goal.

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"That was the feeling go on inside my stomach when this happened to us the other night. It was not fun," she says.

Dovolani says he "tried to stay calm" as Phillips began to blank on the steps. "I knew she was freaked out about the whole thing. She followed my lead… I just really hoped America would give us a second chance."

Dovolani competed with a sprained ankle, but "I had forgotten about my injury instantly when that happened [Phillips forgot her move]. As a teacher you kind of go into dad mode to take care of your students."

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Dovolani had to skip the weekly appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live to have his ankle treated Monday night.

"I went to the ER. It was fine. Just a little sprain," he said on GMA.

They'll miss practicing together.

"We really had a blast in rehearsal. We're the only couple that didn't have a fight! That was kind of boring," joked Phillips.

She also credited her husband Billy Baldwin for helping support her.

"I never thought I would quote a Celine Dion song, but you know, I'm gonna' do that right now: 'I'm everything I am because you loved me.' This guy is No. 1. He's been such a trooper. I love my husband so much."

Phillips also gave a health update with Derek Hough, who dislocated his shoulder on the show last night.

"He's doing great. [His partner] Ricki [Lake] was very concerned. He's fine. He's such an amazing dancer," she said. "These guys do it all the time. They sign up for it. If I had to dance like that every single day…."


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