Nielsen Says 785K Watched Netflix's 'Cloverfield Paradox' on Super Bowl Sunday

It turns out the new Cloverfield was not as big of a monster for Netflix as some of its other originals.

The streamer stunned many with its ad on Super Bowl Sunday announcing that it had paid Paramount for first-run rights to The Cloverfield Paradox — and surprised them again with the quick reveal that the film was dropping on the streaming service later that night. But compared to its last big feature, Bright, tune-in was pretty modest.

Nielsen's new SVOD measuring service cites 2.8 million viewers for the critically derided project within three days of its arrival. Seven days on the service lifted the audience to 5 million viewers. (For Bright, the same measurements credited 11 million viewers to the first three days of viewing.)

Plenty of people did watch Cloverfield Paradox after the Super Bowl. Nielsen says that Sunday brought 784,579 viewers, to be precise. Those numbers, not acknowledged by Netflix, are only for TV set viewing and don't include mobile.

Debate raged in the days following the surprise release as to who really came out on top — Netflix, which hijacked Super Bowl commercial buzz, or Paramount, the studio that got $50 million for a movie deemed unfit for theatrical release. The tail on Cloverfield is obviously long, so judgments on these numbers should be made lightly. 

At the very least, Cloverfield Paradox certainly didn't rain on NBC's parade. Many wondered if the film's release would take eyeballs away from the post-game episode of This Is Us, but 32.7 million viewers watched that episode within three days of its premiere, and a stunning 27 million of them on Super Bowl Sunday.

Elsewhere on the Netflix front, Nielsen says 5.9 million viewers watched the premiere of the pricey drama Altered Carbon during its first week on the service. Of them, just over 1 million have completed the 10-episode freshman season.