'Dog and Beth' Sneak Peek: Bounty Hunters Are Back 'On the Hunt' (Exclusive Video)

Dog The Bounty Hunter Headshot - P 2012
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Dog The Bounty Hunter Headshot - P 2012

Duane "Dog" Chapman and his wife, Beth Chapman, are returning to TV.

The bounty hunters are starring in a new series, Dog and Beth: On the Hunt, which premieres at 8 p.m. April 21 on CMT. One week before the series premiere, the network will air a two-hour preview special, at 8 p.m. April 14, that will show the struggles they've faced since their A&E series ended 15 months ago.

The last time viewers saw the Chapmans, they and their three kids were dealing with some serious issues, including a devastating break-up, as the family's communication broke down. The Chapmans found themselves deeply divided over the future of the family business, but they never stopped hunting and soon found themselves on a new and dangerous mission without the support of their children.  

The preview special will show the struggles of a team attempting to move on without crucial team members, a father and son both battling their own pride and the Chapmans' unwavering belief in second chances.

The Hollywood Reporterhas an exclusive sneak peek of Dog and Beth: On the Hunt below.

The Chapmans' A&E series, Dog the Bounty Hunter, ran for eight seasons.