Former CNN Executive's Doggie Bag Drop-Off Makes the Rounds on National News (Video)

Bob Furnad ABC News Dog Poop - H 2012
ABC News

Bob Furnad ABC News Dog Poop - H 2012

Be mindful of how you treat your neighbors -- especially if you have a detailed resume online.

Bob Furnad, a Georgia man and former CNN executive, is being accused of stuffing a bag filled with his dog's feces into his neighbor's mailbox.

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The unneighborly move was caught by homeowners Benjamin Dameron and Ralph Miller, whose security camera footage of the drop-off made its way to local police and multiple news outlets.

Good Morning America gave the story one of its bigger audiences this morning, airing an interview with the confused victim of the prank and running through Furnad's LinkedIn resume in between shots of him shoving the bag into the box.

Though not involved with CNN for a decade, Furnad served as an EVP at CNN for more than a decade before becoming president of CNN Headline News from 1997 to 2001. He's since worked as a journalism professor at the University of Georgia and served as chair of ministry group FaithWorks Christian Fellowship.

Furnad has addressed the matter, though he seemed to make a point of not apologizing. "This was an immature act in response to years of malicious rumor mongering that I consider defamation of character," he told The Covington News.

Furnad faces a $180 fine for his misconduct.