CNN: Piers Morgan Is "Misrepresenting" His Job Performance

The former 'Piers Morgan Live' host had offered pointed criticism of the network in an advice column for THR
Piers Morgan

It appears Piers Morgan's advice to CNN didn't go over too well at the cable news network.

In a statement, first reported by Politico, a CNN spokesperson pushed back against a column the former Piers Morgan Live host penned for the latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter, specifically Morgan's suggestion that his talk show could've used a better lead-in than Anderson Cooper's AC 360.

“For the 2½ years that AC 360 served as the lead-in to Piers Morgan’s program on CNN, it always delivered a higher rating than Piers’ program.‎ And for the 7 months that Piers Morgan’s program led into AC 360, 360 always delivered a higher rating than Piers’ program. It is sad that Piers is trying to find a new job by misrepresenting how he performed in his old one," read the statement, issued by CNN publicist Megan Rivers.

In the guest column, Morgan also stated of his then-colleague, Cooper, "[F]or all his qualities as a reporter[, he] is stiff in a studio and gets annihilated in the ratings every night by [Bill] O'Reilly."

Morgan responded to CNN's claims in a statement to THR on Thursday.

"I have no wish to get into a Reservoir Dogs sequel with CNN," Morgan wrote. "However, let me just respond by saying I’m not remotely sad, I have a great new job at MailOnline, and when I came off air in March, Jeff Zucker congratulated me on a 'splendid, terrific run' and formally offered me a 7-figure sum to make 40 interview shows over the next two years. I didn’t realise he was joking! As for Anderson, I thought he was terrific on The Mole."

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