CNN Shifts Anderson Cooper '360' Re-Airings With 'The Point'

DOWN: Anderson Cooper

The CNN host's daytime talk show is canceled despite a relaunch in season two as he trails even newcomers Katie Couric and Steve Harvey in the competitive ratings race.

CNN has replaced re-airings of Anderson Cooper 360 in the 10 p.m. timeslot with (Get to) The Point, a week of special programming with a panel of guests including adman-pundit Donny Deutsch.

The Point panel will also feature ESPN columnist Rick Reilly, ESPN NFL analyst Jason Taylor and author Margaret Hoover.

CNN confirms that right now, The Point is a week of special programming with AC360 repeats shifted to 11 p.m.. But sources at the network say that it is part of broader experimentation at the network aimed at revitalizing the lineup - and not just at 10 p.m. 

Anderson Cooper, who's currently under contract with CNN and denied last week that he was in line to replace Matt Lauer on Today, recently told The Hollywood Reporter that he expects new CNN chief Jeff Zucker to keep his program in its 8 p.m. time slot, though the 10 p.m. repeat is likely to go away. He also praised Zucker's hands-on leadership style.

"[To] have somebody with Jeff’s experience not only as an executive and a manager, but as somebody whose sleeves are rolled up and has experience producing news programs, is fantastic," said Cooper. "I'm in constant discussions with Jeff, emails going back and forth, and it’s really dynamic and it’s really exciting to be here at this time."