Colbert on 'The Good Wife' Finale: "Is It Time for a Woman to Be a Sleazeball?"

Late Show Guests - H 2016
Courtesy of John Paul Filo/CBS

Stephen Colbert is sad to see The Good Wife go, but before the show departs, he has one final question. 

"Do you think that it's time for a woman to be a sleazeball and a man to stand next to her?" he asked the cast. 

CBS stars Julianna Margulies, Christine Baranski and Matt Czuchry joined Colbert on The Late Show on Thursday to talk about The Good Wife series finale on May 10.

They also addressed what the show would have been like if the roles were reversed at the beginning of the show. The original premise of the CBS drama centered on a woman who had to stand by her politician husband after his scandal as "the good wife."

"Don't you think we've come far enough as a nation for a man to stand embarrassed next to someone?" Colbert asked. 

"It would be a miracle to see that happen," Margulies told him, adding that she was asked that question a lot when she first started the show. "When I started the show, I was a new mom and wife and doing 14 hours a day, and I looked at them and said, 'Women don't have time.'"

"Don't have time to be sleazeballs?" clarified Colbert. "We'll get there some day." 

"Women are just too smart to do that," Margulies said, "at least too smart to get caught." 

The cast also discussed saying goodbye to the show after seven years, mastering legal jargon for their roles and getting feedback from real-life lawyers.