Colbert: 'Iron Man 3,' 'Man of Steel' Are 'Destroying America' (Video)

Stephen Colbert Inauguration - H 2013

The right-wing alter ego of Stephen Colbert launched a rant against two summer tentpoles -- Man of Steel and Iron Man 3 -- on Thursday's Colbert Report, saying of the movies: "They are destroying America."

Of the Superman-focused Man of Steel, in theaters June 14, Colbert complained: "First of all, Superman is the quintessential American hero. Yet they gave the part to some limey named Henry Cavill. ... Nice try, 'Clark Earl of Kent.' Do you Brits even need capes? You can just fly around with your magic umbrellas."

As for Iron Man 3, which has been setting box-office records worldwide, the Comedy Central satirist takes issue with the film being jointly produced by Disney-owned Marvel and the Beijing-based DMG Entertainment and featuring cameos from Chinese stars such as Fan Bingbing in a China-only edition.

"I got a big problem with this film folks," he whined, referencing the tweaked translation of Ben Kingsley's Mandarin villain to "Man Daren" in the Chinese version and joking: "Why is Iron Man fighting the husband from Bewitched?"