Colbert On VP Debate's "Remarkable" Fly Moment; Pete Buttigieg Says Mike Pence is Comfortable "Telling a Total Lie"

Pete Buttigieg is seen arriving at Telemundo Center on May 20, 2019 - Getty-H 2019
Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

Following Wednesday night's vice presidential debate between Sen. Kamala Harris and Mike Pence, Stephen Colbert went live on The Late Show, in which the fly that landed on Pence's head during the debate took much of the focus of his monologue.

Colbert called the moment "one of the most remarkable moments of the evening" and the official Twitter account for the show took joy in posting, "The fly spent 2 MINUTES on Mike Pence. It changed its voter registration to Mike Pence's head."

Former Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg, appeared virtually as a guest on the show, explaining that was seated too far away from the stage to see the fly in person.

The late-night host asked Buttigieg what was it like to be in the room, to which he emphasized that everyone was "masked up, rigorous and serious about social distancing." He went on to say it was very intense because so much was at stake.

"After what happened last week, we were looking forward to what the candidates actually had to say," said Buttigieg, alluding to the presidential debate which involved Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden speaking over one another. Colbert described the vp debate as an actual conversation.

The two went on to talk about how Buttigieg prepped Harris for the debate. "I’m glad I was able to help in that way," said Buttigieg. Colbert quipped, "Who played the fly in the mock debates?" Buttigieg replied, "That was the only thing we didn’t think about…"

Speaking about Pence, Buttigieg called him "pretty predictable." He made sure Harris was prepared for all "the attacks and versions of reality" that Pence was anticipated to put forward. "He’s pretty comfortable telling a total lie," said Buttigieg, adding that the vice president speaks lies in a reassuring voice.

Further into the interview, Colbert noted that a lot of answers were disconcerting, but as disconcerting was what he didn’t answer, such as what’s going to happen to preexisting medical issues or the peaceful transfer of power. Buttigieg commented that many issues were "absolute basics" that Pence should be able to have some answers for. "Between them they’ve led the worse response to this pandemic in any country in the developed world," said the former mayor, of Trump and Pence.  "Obviously the economy is not just fine," Buttigieg said, referring to comments from the Trump administration. He stressed the need for "different and better leadership."

Colbert also touched upon the fact that little is known about Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis. "To the best of our knowledge, he’s on psychoactive steroid medication and he’s making policy decisions," said Buttigieg. He went on to note that the White house, U.S. military and doctors should be most trusted institutions in the world, but this administration has diminished these institutions in addition to diminishing the country by failing to get on top of the pandemic.