'Colbert Report' Welcoming President Obama Next Week

Barack Obama State of Union 1/29 Close Up - H 2014
AP Photo/Charles Dharapak

Barack Obama State of Union 1/29 Close Up - H 2014

President Barack Obama will be among Stephen Colbert's final guests on The Colbert Report.

"I am so honored to be sitting down with the man who sat down with Bill O'Reilly," Colbert said on his show Thursday, announcing that Obama would be joining him on Dec. 8.

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Colbert will be broadcasting from George Washington University in Washington D.C., and he's even got a super-catchy (and very Colbert) title for the event: “Stephen Colbert Presents: Mr. Colbert Goes to Washington D.C. Ya Later, Legislator: Partisan is Such Sweet Sorrow: A Colbert Victory Lap, ‘014."

Obama has previously appeared on The Colbert Report twice. In 2008, then-Sen. Obama appeared via satellite in an episode also featuring Democratic competitors Hillary Clinton and John Edwards. In 2009 he had a proper sit-down with  Colbert. Obama has spent a far greater time over at The Daily Show, where he appeared four times as a senator and twice as president, most recently in 2012.

Colbert ends his Colbert Report run on Dec. 18 and will take over CBS' The Late Show next year.