Colbert Unpacks Final Debate With Andrew Cuomo, Who Calls Trump's Handling of Pandemic "Historic Government Blunder"

Stephen Colbert and Gov. Andrew Cuomo
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In keeping with tradition, Stephen Colbert went live on The Late Show after Thursday's final presidential debate between Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Colbert referred to Trump's "lies" and commented on how he tried to defend border detention centers for kids, while noting that Biden distinguished himself from Trump when talking about personal taxes.

The late night host exclaimed during his monologue, "it finally happened," referring to one of Biden's signature words, "malarkey." Colbert declared, "Boom, the first malarkey of the night!"

He welcomed New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo as his guest, noting at the top of the interview that Trump said that New York used to be vibrant and now it's a "ghost town" that is "dying."

Cuomo responded by explaining that Trump hates New York. "It’s probably mutual," said the governor. He also talked about how the virus was here for three months before Trump enforced the travel ban and joked that New York has a lower infection rate than the White House.

Asked why Trump fixates on Cuomo in his tweets, the governor called the president a "bully" who deceived Americans about the facts of the virus. He went on to refer to Trump's vaccine plan as a "scam," referencing how Trump never talks about a specific plan, but simply says, "I have a general."

"He’s never had an idea about how to do this," said Cuomo, who has written a book titled American Crisis: Leadership Lessons From the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

"It’s a fast-rolling tragedy, the number of deaths every day," said Colbert. "Why for his own sake wouldn’t he take this seriously?"

Cuomo replied, "A skunk doesn’t stop smelling, and a skunk can’t stop smelling." He then called Trump "paranoid," a "liar" and a "narcissist" who could have stood up and told the truth about the coronavirus pandemic to the American people, who were afraid and needed leadership.

Referencing how Trump has said he thought Americans might have panicked if they knew the severity of the virus, Cuomo said, "The American people don’t panic. He panicked." He called Trump's handling of the virus "a historic government blunder."