'Friends' Alum Cole Sprouse on "Feeling So, So Intimidated" by His Crush on Jennifer Aniston

Cole Sprouse-The Late Show-Publicity-H 2018
Scott Kowalchyk/CBS

Cole Sprouse discussed his crush on a former co-star when visiting The Late Show on Thursday.

The former child star opened up about his recurring role on Friends, in which he portrayed Ross' (David Schwimmer) son, Ben.

After host Stephen Colbert showed a photo from a scene he shared with Jennifer Aniston, Colbert asked if he remembered filming the specific scene. "That's when I fell in love with her," said Sprouse. "I remember feeling so, so intimidated by my crush on her that I completely blanked and forgot every single one of my lines and she just stared at me and was waiting and one of the crewmembers, it was one of the cameramen — you guys know who you are — just goes, 'That little boy's got a crush!' Broke me."

Sprouse also spoke about his co-stars on the CW's Archie comics take Riverdale. Many of the parents on the show are played by former teen idols, including Luke Perry, Skeet Ulrich and Molly Ringwald. When Colbert asked if they have given their younger co-stars advice about being famous, Sprouse responded, "The exact opposite."

"I think the nature of celebrity has kind of changed now," he said. "At least for me, as well, we’re sort of navigating it, but for the first time social media has really become a fundamental professional component of the business. I mean this show knows it. All the shows know it. Most films have to deal with social media in some aspect.

"Many of the younger castmembers who have been so in tune with social media since they've gone through this entire vetting process have actually educated some of the older members of the cast," he said.

Colbert then asked what the younger castmembers have taught Perry. "When it's appropriate to show a tasteful amount of nipple on social media," answered Sprouse.

The host responded that he doesn't know the answer to that and asked when it is appropriate to show a tasteful amount of nipple. Sprouse answered, "All the time."

Watch the interview below.