Comic-Con: 'Colony's' Carlton Cuse Promises Answers, Unveils First Trailer (Video)

Colony S01E01 Still - H 2015
Courtesy of USA Network

Colony S01E01 Still - H 2015

Reunited and it feels so good.

Former Lost star Josh Holloway and executive producer Carlton Cuse returned to Comic-Con on Friday to unveil their new collaboration, USA's upcoming Colony.

And they weren't alone. In a nod to the beloved island-set drama, former Lost star Nestor Carbonell also made a surprise appearance on the panel, during which convention-goers were treated to an 11-minute exclusive first look at the new drama as well as a trailer.

Cuse also took the opportunity to announce an impressive upcoming guest-star slate for the series, including Emmy-winner Kathy Baker, Carl Weathers, Episodes' Kathleen Rose Perkins and CSI alum Paul Guilfoyle.

Holloway and Cuse were joined by stars Sarah Wayne Callies and Peter Jacobson, as well as executive producer Ryan Condal. Colony takes place in a "contemporary" Los Angeles, which exists in a state of occupation by a force of outside intruders. Some people choose to collaborate with the authorities and benefit from the new order, while others rebel and suffer the consequences.  

Cuse said he and Condal were "fascinated" by the images of Nazi-occupied Paris during World War II of people "trying to maintain their ordinary lives in the midst of this upheaval," he said.

Cuse drew parallels between the mystery surrounding the outside intruders and the many mysteries of Lost. "The curtain is kind of right in front of the audience — kind of like Lost," Cuse said. "Part of the fun in making the show is teasing out all the details of this world: What are these walls? Who are these people? What's on the other side of the walls?"

Cuse promised there will be answers on Colony arguably unlike Lost — a point made hilariously clear when Carbonell popped up during the fan question portion to (jokingly) ask if everyone on Lost had really been dead the whole time. (He was subsequently "escorted" out by Colony soldiers wearing red berets.)

"We have answers for all these questions and they will be doled out over the show as it evolves," Cuse said. "We have a pretty good plan. We did really think out where this was all going to go."

Cordal added that season one will be a "very self-contained story" featuring "a lot of mythology elements."

Holloway and Cuse said the decision to reunite came together quickly. "I was raising children back home with my wife and wondering how we could possibly find a way to stay in L.A. and work and so forth. Out of the blue came a phone call from Carlton. He said he had a project I couldn’t refuse," said Holloway. "Immediately, upon reading the script, I was in 100 percent."

Cuse and Holloway weren't the only ones making a grand return to Comic-Con. Callies, a beloved Walking Dead alum, was asked about her penchant for apocalyptic dramas. "I think I'm drawn to stories of people in extreme circumstances," said Callies. "We really don’t know anything about ourselves until the rubber hits the road."

Holloway's character, Will, will be particularly tested. "He's revealed to have been an FBI agent who went undercover during the arrival and then Peter Jacobson's character comes forward with a mysterious proposition and says you have to come work for the government," Cuse said. "He doesn’t really have any choice in the matter."

That's because Will is desperate to find his son, from whom he and his wife (Callies) were separated  during the invasion. "His dilemma is, of course, they are trying to get their son back but at what cost? He has to believe somewhat in what he's doing," Holloway said. 'All these people being killed because of the resistance and nothing's getting done."

Added Callies: "This becomes very quickly a story of what is that grey area between your ideology and your actions. … In that grey area how much of your soul has been sold before you know it's gone?"

Watch the new trailer for Colony below:


Colony is set to premiere in mid-October on USA.

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