Comedy Central Launches Emmy Campaign With Big Social Media Push (Exclusive)

The network is launching a video across all of its platforms simultaneously, which it says reach 140 million users.
Comedy Central

Comedy Central is going big for the launch of its Emmys "For Your Consideration" campaign.

In what the network believes is a first, it is simultaneously releasing a video of some of its finest moments from the past year (see below) across all of its multiplatorm channels including, YouTube, SnapChat Discover and Facebook. The network says it has 140 million fans across these platforms.

"We are celebrating our talent certainly with Emmy voters, but also with our fans as well," says Walter Levitt, Comedy Central’s Chief Marketing Officer.

The video features Comedy Central talent behind Key & Peele, The Daily Show, Inside Amy SchumerThe Colbert Report and many of its other series. Many of the moments — from Key & Peele running from a zombie apocalypse to Amy Schumer's buzzed about takedown of rape culture — will likely already be familiar to Comedy Central fans.

"They are incredible, iconic moments," Levitt says. "We screen lots of episodes of our content and try to find the moments that best represent the incredible talent we have at Comedy Central. The team did an amazing job of highlighting all of our franchises in a way that is both fun and celebratory."

Each platform the campaign launches on will get a customized version. For Snapchat Discover, fans will have the option of sharing some of the elements below with friends.

"It's something nobody has ever done before quite this way," says Levitt. "It's fun and innovative, and appropriate — particularly after the year Comedy Central has had." 

Last year, Comedy Central received 21 Emmy nominations, and won three, including Outstanding Variety Series for The Colbert Report